About us

GGM is a specialist in bookbinding machines and internationally recognised within graphic arts for providing the best quality in used machines. With more than 40 years’ experience in reconditioning and trading, our customers benefit from an unrivalled level of service, offered by experienced and skilled employees, at all levels of the organisation.

Clients include paper processing companies ranging from retail bookbinders to large company groups. GGM also has close relations with manufacturers, agents and machine dealers worldwide.

GGM ensures its customers achieve a realistic market price when purchasing our machines. We stock, hold and service at our first-class facility, a well-run 6,000 sqm workshop and warehouse in Espelkamp Germany. This means machines can be delivered immediately or prepared to our customers’ own specifications. Transportation and installation are also offered as part of our focus on providing high-quality solutions.

With GGM, a good quality second hand or reconditioned machine may be a better alternative to new. GGM can also offer exclusive opportunities to sell machines, with clients benefiting from its worldwide database but only working with one partner.

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